Wholesale Enquiries


OTC’s Ireland is the official agency in ireland for the following manufacturers. Wholesale enquiries welcome.

Agilent Technologies
Designs, manufactures and markets test, measurement and monitoring instruments, systems and solutions and semi-conductor and optical components.


Willtek Communications
Willtek is a supplier of a comprehensive range of cutting-edge solutions for testing, measuring, and analysing RF networks and devices.


Boonton Electronics
Boonton is an industry pioneer and leader in the design and manufacturing of RF power, microwave, audio, modulation and impedance test instrumentation.

Microlab, A Wireless Telecom Group Company, designs and manufactures high-performance passive RF and Microwave components such as dividers, directional couplers and filters.

Need a specific model or piece of equipment, second-user or end of line product?

We would be happy to source and supply to you.